Sunday, December 7, 2008

Call to unite

I would like to call all leaders whether in UMNO, PAS or Keadilan to unite in the struggle to regain control of this beloved country. It is sad to see that the malay leaders or the muslim leaders seem to keep their silence when there are so many attacks have been muscled towards the right of Malay and Islam which are occuring times and times again either in the written media or cyber media. I also wonder why a few malay leaders like to apologize to other races when they questioned about malay rights. All Malay leaders should take a stand, a firm one, when Malay rights have been questioned. Don't let differences in terms of political ideologies clouding their judgements. In time of needs, put aside the differences, stand on a common ground, unite and fight!
The future of Malay Nation depends on the Malay and moslem. These should be our common ground, Malay and Islam.